Hello Friends ! Welcome to my Site and today I will tell you about Myself. 

My name is Aryan Gupta , Founder Of Pihu Status and I live in Motipur , Muzaffarpur Of Bihar and I am 12th Passed and Currently preparing for IIT-Jee. I am currently running two websites  (One of Lyrics and other is this site)

I have made this site only for three reasons : 

First , For my own Curiosity and Interest (How to make Website and run it).

Second , For making myself Popular by help of My website and Get Name and Fame.

Last , For earning People trust through my Website and then Earn from it.

I have Made my site name Pihu Status in name of my Sister Pihu and Status is used because I want to make Image and Status Website but after sometime I changed my mind to make my Website as Both Image and News Site

About Myself : 

Name : Aryan Gupta

Address : Motipur , Muzaffarpur (Bihar)

Qualification : 12th Passed (This Year)

Email : aryanarygu77@gmail.com

Websites : https://pihu-status.blogspot.com/ & https://lyricswalia.blogspot.com/

About My Website : https://pihu-status.blogspot.com/

As I mentioned earlier, My site is about News and Images So I will try my best that any News Information You get from my Site will be genuine and true. I will also try my best that any Images and Status you get from site will be of Best quality and Useful to you.

We will do our best to earn your trust and always be useful to us.

My Website Slogan : We believe in Gaining your Trust , We believe in your Usefulness and Benefits.

Thank You For Visiting.